EPIC LEAGUE Interview: Jeehyung Lee

Art Director

Marvel and DC, the world’s two largest comics, are considered the dreams of artists around the world. The level of expertise is graded by the artist’s popularity, skill, and job duties. In particular, the cover illustrators are always evaluated by publishers and cold-headed readers. As such, Marvel grants cover printing rights (copyright) to only a handful of high-profile artists such as J. Scott Campbell and Alex Ross.

Art Director of DARK THRONE, EPIC LEAGUE’s first blockchain-based RPG, Jeehyung Lee is also an illustrator who has received the cover printing rights from Marvel and has published several books under his own name across the United States. As said, Marvel grants cover printing rights to talented artists who have built up recognition and fame. Jeehyung is one of them, and he was the first Korean cover illustrator.

Let’s hear his thoughts and stories as a famous artist who has a lot of fans in Europe and Asia, mainly the United States, and as Art Director of DARK THRONE.

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Q. Please tell us about yourself.

I’ve been working as a cover artist for Marvel and DC for the past few years. At the same time I have been developing games for quite some time, including games related to Marvel. As a side note, there was a time when I had enjoyed collaborating with a Kpop idol group called ‘Wanna One’. It was a job to characterize Kpop idols. And currently I am working on an RPG called DARK THRONE with original artwork.

Wanna One x Jeehyung

Q. Please share your thoughts about game development based on your previous projects with the team.

Although I participated in several games, the representative work is probably Marvel Future Fight, my first work as an Art Director. In addition to the well-known Marvel heroes, the team and I also worked on a completely new character called Luna Snow, set as a top idol star in Korea, and I really enjoyed the job. Luna Snow has made her official debut in Marvel comics and is receiving a lot of love. And as I worked on Marvel Future Fight, I realized that creating a new character not only requires a good understanding of the imaginary world in the game or comic, but also requires a lot of collaboration, especially in game development. After all, the end result is the product of the team.


Q. Why did you decide to join the EPIC LEAGUE team?

I’m an illustrator, but I’ve always been working with game developers, so I found this project, a blockchain-based game, very challenging and interesting. It reminds me of the online and mobile gaming boom in the early 2010s. It was like the Big Bang of online games. And the same goes for this blockchain technology for sure.

And like other developers, I like working as a team rather than working alone and I’m happy when people enjoy our games. Of course, as an artist, creating original artwork is always an exciting challenge. More importantly, the team and I have high expectations for this project when we think of blockchain technology in our game.

Q. Tell us about your work at EPIC LEAGUE.

As always, as an art director, I’m currently working on the main characters of DARK THRONE. It’s been a while since I’ve worked on an original game title. But I am very excited about it. If medieval-style heroes, and monsters from the fantasy world were placed on top of our awesome spooky dungeon stage, it would be pretty cool for sure.

*Queen, Jeehyung’s original work

Q. Please tell us how you came up with the concept when you started, how it has been going, and how you want it to evolve.

Although DARK THRONE is promoting an authentic dark fantasy RPG, we are working with the goal of creating fantasy characters that are not too typical. We started with working on the concept towards creating a variety of characters that would continue to expand our game world. To give you a heads up, our animation team and I are focusing on creating our characters that do nice action moves as well. We are all very excited to show the actual game to people quite soon.

And Jeehyung gave us a gift, the latest cover image of Luna Snow, which is currently unpublished. Enjoy it.


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